Session Credit

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Session Credit

from 75.00

Have a family member or significant other that you'd like to have recorded? Purchase some studio time for them! This can be used for anything from a quick vocal recording to a full-band album. If you have any questions, please contact me.

  • You will receive a personal response within 12 hours after purchasing to set up a tentative recording date. 
  • New customer 10% discount is not valid on Session Credit.
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Session Credit starts at $75. Please refer to the list below to estimate how much credit you'll need. Each package includes recording, editing, mixing, and mastering.

$75 - Vocal Recording (1 Song, Customer Provides Backing Track)

$75 - Songwriter Live Single (1 Instrument, Vocals)

$75 - 2 Live Instrumental Songs (1 Instrument Only - Guitar, Piano, Uke, Etc.)

$150 - Songwriter Single (1 Instrument, Vocals)

$200 - Songwriter Single+ (1 Instrument, Vocals, Harmonies, Shaker/Tamb)

$500 - 1 Full Band Song (Instruments, Vocals, Harmonies, Overdubs) 

$1,000 - Songwriter EP Album - Limited to 5 Songs (2 Instruments, Vocals, Harmonies, Cajon/Shaker/Tamb)

$2,500 - Full Band EP Album - Limited to 5 Songs (Instruments, Vocals, Harmonies, Overdubs)

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