Have me mix your next record!

Record your songs, do the necessary edits, and then send me the tracks via Google Drive or Dropbox. I can also help with time editing or vocal tuning if needed. After I receive your tracks, we'll discuss your sonic goal, and I'll provide you with high-quality mixes/masters. 

Needing professional studio musicians to play on your songs? 

I have access to some insanely talented studio musicians, specializing on drums, bass, keys, guitars, and vocals. This can be done by sharing files and making calls via FaceTime, Skype, or phone before or during the recording sessions. Without a doubt, my connections will help you achieve amazing results. 

As a songwriter and recording engineer, it’s nice to collaborate with other engineers who are professional, efficient, and offer quality recordings. After a single FaceTime video call, Nate recorded, edited, and delivered the drum tracks I asked for within one day. I am completely satisfied and will be working with him again in the near future.
— Russ Hadden - Malibu, CA